ATM Disinfection Enhancements

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened public demand for enhanced user experiences. With customer safety being one of our top priorities, we developed industry-leading disinfection protection for the company’s ATMs to help in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

“The well-being of our ATM users is of the utmost importance, and we began working as soon as the pandemic arrived to design a solution to maximize the safety of our ATMs,” said Hyosung America CEO Hee-Eun Ahn. “Hyosung wanted to provide a comprehensive solution to address concerns today as well as into the future.”


Starting Fall 2020, disinfection upgrade kits will be available for Hyosung ATMs. We have chosen to address customer safety with installation services and LED lights. Each disinfection upgrade kit will be installed by certified technicians and include the following features:

  • Silver Ion Antimicrobial Touchscreen
  • Silver Ion Antimicrobial Keypad (plus function keys if required)
  • Violet Blue LED Sterilization Lights

Utilizing silver ion technology, which provides a 99.9% microbe growth reduction rate, Hyosung’s antimicrobial touchscreen and keypad upgrades are made from EPA-approved products that provide permanent protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Continue improving your customer safety with the latest Hyosung disinfection options today!

For further protection, the upgrade kit also features violet blue LED lights to disinfect the most common ATM touch points including the touchscreen and keypad providing 99% sterilization. Violet blue LED light was selected because unlike UV light, it is harmless to humans and is already commonly used as a disinfectant in the medical field. This unique two-step approach provides superior protection for Hyosung ATM users.


In addition to the disinfection upgrade kits, Hyosung is announcing a new service for existing ATMs to apply an antimicrobial coating that will protect ATM surfaces. Certified technicians will apply the coating to ensure the ATM continues to function properly and recommend reapplying after six months.

Unlike solutions promoted by others, Hyosung’s disinfection solutions are easily implemented and do not change how the user interacts with the ATM. Offering the broadest coverage and longest-lasting protection, Hyosung has developed the most comprehensive approach for ATM safety in the industry. Please contact your Hyosung Sales Representative or Certified Dealer to determine which options are right for you.


The antimicrobial upgrade kits are a set of parts that are primary customer interaction points on an ATM that have been manufactured with antimicrobial properties in order to inhibit the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The antimicrobial upgrade kits consist of a PIN pad, card reader, touchscreen or function keys, and
LED light.

The PIN pad, card reader, touchscreen, and function key parts in the upgrade kit have been manufactured with silver ion technology, which inhibits the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The LED light provides disinfectant capabilities without the harmful side effects of UV lighting.

The upgrade kit will take approximately 2 hours to install.

The silver ion technology used in the manufacturing of the upgrade kit components has been EPA approved for the purpose of inhibiting the growth of microbes.

The COVID-19 virus is very new, and specific tests have not yet been run on that particular virus. However, silver ion technology has a long history of documented effectiveness against viruses.

The parts in the upgrade kit are manufactured with silver ion technology in the material itself, providing antimicrobial properties for the life of the part. The LED light will provide disinfectant capabilities for the life of the light.

We will have upgrade kits available for our current models, including the 1800, 2600, 2700, 2800, 5100, 5200, 5300, 5600, 5700, 7600, 7800, 8100, 8200, 8300, and 8800.

We intend to include these capabilities in newly manufactured ATMs, but are still working through the manufacturing process to determine when that will be available.