HALO Product Update

Nautilus Hyosung’s HALO retail ATM has established a proven performance record since its introduction in October 2013
The HALO’s innovative design provides customers a secure, reliable and cost-effective retail cash dispenser with eye-catching lighting to help draw users and increase transaction rates All HALO and HALO-S ATMs come standard with a UL291 rated Business Hours safe. However, Nautilus Hyosung greatly values customer feedback on ways to reduce what some believe are perceived weaknesses, and discourage the occasional, opportunistic break- in. Based on recent feedback, Nautilus Hyosung is introducing a safe door modification to further enhance security and increase confidence in the HALO and HALO-S as the ATM of choice for retail customers. The enhancement consists of a steel flange which wraps around the corner of the safe body and blocks visibility of the door locking mechanism. All new HALO and HALO-S machines shipped by Nautilus Hyosung America beginning May 1, 2014 will be equipped with the new safe door. Please contact your Sales Representative for additional information Please be assured, the original door meets UL291 ratings.  NHA is not recommending the original door be replaced, however pricing and availability of individual doors will be provided at a future date for those customers that might choose to replace the door themselves.