Hyosung and KICTeam Partnership Brings New Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards to Hyosung ATMs

AUBURN, Maine, Nov. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- KICTeam, Inc. and Nautilus Hyosung America ("Hyosung") today announced a partnership for the marketing and promotion of cleaning products specially optimized for use in Nautilus Hyosung ATM and card reader devices. Hyosung is the leading manufacturer of cash dispensing, deposit automation, and branch transformation self-serve machines in the United States.  KICTeam is the global leader of technical cleaning programs and products.
"KICTeam is delighted to partner with Hyosung in providing the device specific cleaning program and products that keep their exceptional devices operating at ideal levels," said Greg Dumais, Business Development Manager for KICTeam. "The idea to advocate a routine cleaning regimen has proven extremely effective in the market, saving institutions and end-users thousands of dollars monthly." By working with the KICTeam experts, Hyosung's cleaning products will provide benefits to technicians and equipment users with a simple process for quick and easy cleaning. "We discourage the use of harsh cleaning products that can often damage equipment with prolonged use," said Jason Kuhn, Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning at Hyosung.  "We're extremely pleased with the final product and fully support a preventive maintenance program that utilizes the new Hyosung Waffletechnology® cleaning card." Hyosung continues to caution its customers against the use of unapproved cleaning cards and will not be responsible for any damage to the device caused by unapproved products. For more information and product availability, please visit https://hyosungamericas.com/. Source: PR Newswire