Hyosung MS500 Teller Cash Recycler Certified for Fiserv Integrated Teller

Certification Empowers Fiserv Customers with the Most Advanced TCR Technology Available Today

DALLAS, Texas – September 15, 2022 (Hyosung.com News Release) – Hyosung America, the world’s leading cash management and payments platform service provider, has received Fiserv Integrated Teller certification for its industry-leading Hyosung MS500 teller cash recycler (TCR). This certification empowers Fiserv’s customers with a value-driven cash recycling solution that offers greater flexibility, security and functionality.

Hyosung is the fastest-growing TCR provider in the United States, serving a wide variety of financial institutions including three of America’s five largest banks. This Fiserv certification recognizes Hyosung’s unique ability to provide broader solutions across TCR, ATM, and digital banking software technologies and reaffirms Hyosung’s long-standing strategic partnership with Fiserv, a recognized leader in branch transformation.

“Despite the rise of electronic payments, cash is used in one out of five payment transactions. Fully half of all payments under $10 use cash. Cash deposits and withdrawals are still at the core of branch and teller activity. Reducing the many touchpoints in cash handling is absolutely critical for successful cash management within the branch,” according to Chad Young, Executive Vice President, North America Financial Institution Sales, Hyosung. “The certification of the Hyosung MS500 TCR within Fiserv’s market-leading Integrated Teller allows in-house Fiserv customers to seamlessly integrate ATMs within a closed cash cycle. This level of security and efficiency can be a positive game-changer in branch transformation.”

Compact and efficient, the MS500 has gained many fans with innovative, efficiency-driving, closed cash cycle technology and unprecedented note speed processing. “The MS500 is the only TCR on the market that self-audits in 30 minutes and enables tellers to load and remove cash without opening the safe reducing cash exposure,” added Brad Nolan, Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Hyosung America. “Beyond offering a state-of-the-art TCR solution, Hyosung also has the largest North American service footprint and most service technicians of any TCR provider.”

About Hyosung America

Hyosung America, the world’s leading cash management and payments platform service provider, is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung Corporation. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has grown from the largest provider of ATMs in the United States, to offering best-in-class, innovative and transformative technology solutions across the cash management and payments spectrum. Hyosung America is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.