Hyosung's MX8800 ATM with Advanced Automated Technology

It performs virtually all of the same transactions that can be processed with a traditional teller, including cashing checks to the nearest dollar, four denominations of bill selection and depositing checks with cash back. As New York’s Flushing Bank continues its innovative approach to banking they have adopted the MX8800 as part of their transformation.
“We’ve been able to improve the efficiency and service delivery of our new branch openings, in part by utilizing Hyosung’s customized technology,” said John R. Buran, president and CEO, Flushing Bank. “Providing an assisted service solution to handle routine transactions allows our highly skilled employees to spend quality time with our customers to understand their banking needs and financial concerns,” Buran added. The Bank has begun to adapt its existing branches to this model and has plans for implementation in its new branches as well. Hyosung’s MX8800, designed for assisted-service or full-service independent interaction, lets users interact as though they are being serviced directly at the teller window. Additionally, the new smart ATMs offer industry-leading cash recycling functionality and electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing. “We’re proud to be implementing the next generation of banking technology alongside our partners at Flushing Bank,” said Nancy Daniels, chief operating officer, Hyosung. “The solutions we’re deploying today have allowed our customers to rewrite the way they manage their people, process and technology.”

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Hyosung is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has become the largest provider of ATMs in the United States. Hyosung is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio. Contact: Ginger Dearing Nautilus Hyosung America Ginger.Dearing@nhausa.com Media contact: Daniel Martin Richards Partners 214-891-5722 daniel_martin@richards.com