Nautilus Hyosung Announces Next Generation Retail ATM

DALLAS – May 31, 2013 – Nautilus Hyosung proudly unveiled its next generation Retail ATM – called “HALO”, at its annual user’s conference last week in Fort Worth, TX.  Chris Juetten, head of Nautilus Hyosung’s Retail ATM Division, commented “We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our retail ATM line-up.  The HALO truly represents leadership in innovative design and performance that has become synonymous with Hyosung’s engineered products.”
new retail atms halo halosThe HALO gets its name from the unique circle of light that surrounds and illuminates the pin pad with a changing palette of colors.  “When we set out to design our next generation ATM, we asked ourselves ‘How would leading design firms like Apple design an ATM?’  We wanted to transcend traditional ATM design concepts and build something truly distinctive and unlike anything else in the market,” said Juetten. The HALO will introduce new groundbreaking technologies including a digital receipt feature which will allow the user to capture a QR code and, subsequently, display the transaction receipt on mobile devices.  It will also be the first Nautilus Hyosung unit for the U.S. market to come from the manufacturing facility with full EMV capability built-in.  “We understand the importance of EMV in the marketplace and providing our customers with a solution to get ahead of EMV compliance,” Juetten commented. As anticipated, the HALO will be replacing the hugely successful NH-1800 series.  In continuing the legacy of exceptional value and performance, the HALO will come with a larger 10.1” screen in addition to full EMV capability, and will provide clients with the option of an attractive high gloss finish. The HALO will also be fully backwards compatible with the NH-1800 from a parts perspective.  “We recognized from our voice of the customer sessions that parts compatibility was extremely important to our clients.  As a result, the HALO design team was given the mandate to utilize the same core parts as the NH-1800, including Hyosung’s industry leading dispenser.  It is a credit to our team that they met a key customer requirement while creating a breakthrough product,” remarked Juetten.  He further notes, “It was also important for us to keep costs down while providing an offering with enhanced features and capabilities.” Nautilus Hyosung will be releasing the HALO in early Q4 2013 and expects to offer the HALO at a similar price point as the NH-1800.  Based on pre-orders, indications are that demand will be extremely strong. For more information about Nautilus Hyosung, please visit or call 1-877-HYOSUNG.