The New Windows CE 7.0

A recent technical bulletin was launched to inform our customers about the new WinCE 7.0 mainboard for our Retail ATMs. The new mainboard does not have a separate I/O board like the WinCE 6.0 mainboard required. The WinCE 7.0 mainboard and I/O board are “combined” so it is only one part. The new WinCE 7.0 mainboard will be installed on new production retail ATMs in Q1 2022. Advantages to moving to this new mainboard are:

  • The updated hardware and WinCE7 have better performance than the previous generations
  • Updates from the cloud software repository take less than a minute in most cases
  • Previous generation mainboards are no longer available for purchase or warranty replacement.

For any new Retail ATMs manufactured after Q1 2022 there is no action that needs to be taken. For existing ATMs in production today the mainboards will need to be replaced.

The WinCE 7.0 mainboard does not use the same software as the WinCE 6.0 mainboard. The WinCE 7.0 Software (OS, BL, and AP) is available for download on our website, The instructions to load the software via SD card and/or USB are very similar to that of the WinCE 6.0 mainboard. Also, the loading instructions are included in the software download from our website.

Minimum SW Required for the new WinCE 7.0 mainboard:

  • OS : V10.11.07 and up (note: WINCE60 version structure is V08.xx.xx)
  • BL : V10.02.07 and up
  • AP : V06.02.09 and up

Please contact your Hyosung account representative to help you determine the appropriate board needed for your specific ATM model and to plan this upgrade.