The Teller Cash Recycler’s Impact On the Modern Bank Branch


Ryan Loebs is a TCR industry expert with over 15 years of experience in Financial & Retail cash automation. He has guided financial institutions and technology companies of all sizes in their approach to adopting successful TCR implementations. Over the last 6 years Ryan has held roles in TCR Product Management, Sales Strategy, & Relationship Management.

In a response to emerging technologies, there has been an ongoing shift for Financial Institutions to invest in self-service technology, decreasing the need for a customer to migrate inside the FI. With COVID-19 forcing lobbies to close, FIs have been forced to move towards branch transformation. Both of these shifts have resulted in closed lobbies placing more emphasis on the drive-through experience. With closed lobbies, relationships with customers have taken a backseat, created inefficiencies, and created problems for the drive-through teller line. The ongoing shift towards branch transformation and the impact of COVID-19 have resulted in a lot of unknowns for the future. Even in the midst of uncertainty, one thing that is known is how the Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) is a good long-term investment to help bank branches combat these shifts.

What is a TCR?

A TCR is a machine commonly used by bank tellers to automate deposits and withdrawal transactions. The TCR is made up of two distinct sections; the upper and lower section. The upper section takes in the cash verifies it, then it’s automatically secured in the lower section vault until it’s needed for dispensing. Generally, modern TCRs are very fast, use ATM stacking cassettes and have a very high note capacity. Some TCR’s have the ability to audit themselves and interface with ATMs via transfer cassettes.

TCRs help reinvent customer service and help FI’s build relationships with their customers.

With a TCR, there is a shift in the skills and personality traits that an FI looks at during the hiring process. Traditionally, banks hire tellers based on their role of working the transaction from beginning to end, the focus being solely on the money counting process. When an FI utilizes a TCR, the FI can hire a more sales minded individual with stronger interpersonal skills. The focus is now on the relationship and not the transaction. The TCR manages the transaction while the teller engages the customer, further building stronger relationships with the customer.

TCRs help with efficiency.

COVID-19 has forced FI’s to limit the number of people in a branch due to social distancing, negatively impacting the amount of interaction between employees and customers. When a TCR is brought in, teller productivity increases. The number of humans needed reduces, and safety goals, such as social distancing, are met. Now, instead of four tellers working at a time, the FI only needs three because the TCR boosts teller performance significantly. Empowered tellers can perform their job at a higher rate. It is now easier to optimize the number of tellers in the branch without changing the customer transaction throughput. TCRs help save the FI time and money. Overtime can be eliminated because the amount of time it takes to balance cash at the end of the day is significantly reduced, and tellers no longer need to be asked to come in early or leave late.

Dedicated Hyosung America TCR team

Every FI has different goals, environments, and customer base. There is no one size fits all. Hyosung America has a group of individuals dedicated to the TCR. The Hyosung TCR team helps banks get the maximum value out of TCRs and helps them understand their potential through ROI analysis and a TCR Business Case Analysis. Hyosung will send a TCR team member into the FI for a visit to learn more about the bank’s mission statement, interview tellers, and more. They will learn more about what the FI wants to accomplish with customers and craft a custom solution to ensure the TCR makes sense for each branch and environment.

Hyosung TCR Family

Hyosung America offers the best innovation, third generation TCR technology. The MS-500 and MS-500s include self-auditing, native Windows 10, and are integrated into most common teller applications on the market today. Hyosung America is the only company that manufactures both TCRs and ATMs, allowing the customer to interact with the bank via the ATM and the bank staff to interact with the TCR. This unique ATM and TCR connection allow the Hyosung America TCR family to move transit cassettes from TCRs to other Hyosung equipment in a safe and secure environment.

Contact your Hyosung sales rep or your local Authorized Hyosung Dealer to see how Hyosung TCR technology can help you meet the changing demands of your customer base.