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HSFCU Wins Future Branches Award with Hyosung Tech

HSFCU opened its Salt Lake branch in Honolulu prior to the pandemic in August 2019. The Salt Lake branch was able to pilot new technology, help create a process to build opportunities in underserved areas and prepare the credit union for an unprecedented pandemic all with the help of their partnerships.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Chris Edwards

Our December Spotlight is on Chris Edwards, Project Manager. “Simply put, Chris is a superstar. His dedication and work ethic are second to none, and he has stepped up to lead the deployment for an initiative with a top 5 bank. He has handled each and every curve ball with grace and a cool head, and he is a brilliant problem solver.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Julie Wacasey

Our November Spotlight is on Julie Wacasey, Sr. Operations Analyst. “Julie has been the catalyst for helping to capture additional time & material revenue for Hyosung. Julie has a tremendous can do attitude, and is always up for the challenge. She brings a positive energy every day to work, and she can be counted on to drive, and deliver...

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Employee Spotlight: Meet William Ward

Our October Spotlight is on William Ward, Hyosung's Software Engineering Manager. “William (Wills) Ward has been the Retail Software Development Manager for the last 2 years. During that time, Wills has shown himself to be an excellent contributor to Hyosung via his technical acumen, tireless effort, dedication and leadership of his team.

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Is Bitcoin and the ATM a Marriage Made in Heaven?

Bitcoin has the power to fight financial inequality and potentially provide financial inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked consumer.

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National Organization on Disability (NOD) meeting in a conference room

Hyosung Recognized as a 2021 NOD Leading Disability Employer

At the National Organization on Disability (NOD) Annual Forum, entitled “Disability Inclusion in the Next Normal,” Hyosung was honored as a 2021 NOD Leading Disability Employer.

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What Does Windows 11 Release Mean To Your ATM?

The version of Windows 11 announced on August 31, 2021 will not find its way onto ATMs. Eventually, Microsoft will release a ‘LTSC’ version for Windows 11 that would support ATMs, though not for many years ahead and rest assured Hyosung will be ready to support you at that time.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jasmine S. Jones

Our September Spotlight is on Jasmine S. Jones, Director- Part Sales. Jasmine is responsible for leading and overseeing the Part Sales department, spearheading all part sales initiatives, programs, and strategic growth plans.

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Hyosung America – Ranked IDC Top FinTech Provider

The 2021 IDC FinTech Rankings have been released placing Hyosung as #29 in the Top 100 global financial technology providers.

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