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Cash management has never been easier with Hyosung's cash management solutions. TCRs and ATMs are great at managing your cash. Read below to learn more about the incredible products that Hyosung has to offer.

Teller cash recyclers for financial institutions

Hyosung technology takes all of the guesswork out of accounting and provides automated and accurate reporting that details cash on hand at any given moment. Hyosung’s complete solution set includes: Recycling ATMs and TCRs, Cash Management Software, and a Transit Cassette Interface.

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The MS-500 is a digitally secure, fast and feature-rich cash recycler for financial institutions. The MS-500 modular design and high capacity cassettes drive Hyosung’s industry-leading availability and serviceability.

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The MS-500S delivers all of the functionality of the MS-500 standard except, in a small package. Features such as transit cassette, self-audit, and continuous feed are all included in this mini powerhouse.

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image of a tcr transit cassette.
What are teller cash recyclers?

Teller Cash Recyclers or TCRs are machines commonly used by bank tellers to automate deposits and withdrawal transactions. TCRs are made up of two distinct sections: the upper and lower section. The upper section takes in the cash, verifies it, then automatically secures it in the lower section, or vault, until it’s needed for dispensing. Generally, modern TCRs like Hyosung's are very fast, use ATM stacking cassettes, and have a very high note capacity. Some TCR’s, like Hyosung's have the ability to audit themselves and interface with ATMs via transfer cassettes.

Transform your branch with teller cash recyclers

COVID-19 has forced FI’s to limit the number of people in a branch due to social distancing, negatively impacting the amount of interaction between employees and customers. When a TCR is brought in, teller productivity increases. The number of humans needed reduces, and safety goals, such as social distancing, are met. Now, instead of four tellers working at a time, the FI only needs three because the TCR boosts teller performance significantly. Empowered tellers can perform their job at a higher rate. It is now easier to optimize the number of tellers in the branch without changing the customer transaction throughput. TCRs help save the FI time and money. Overtime can be eliminated because the amount of time it takes to balance cash at the end of the day is significantly reduced, and tellers no longer need to be asked to come in early or leave late.

image of cash being taken out of a tcr