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Hyosung offers inspired solutions to enable digital transformation at retail businesses and stores. With Hyosung retail solutions, retailers are able to differentiate their services and delight their customers while minimizing overall operating costs.

Hyosung MX8100
Small Footprint, Big Solutions

Retail machines bring your customers’ cash to them, no matter where they are. More than just dispense cash, Hyosung’s Retail solutions provide you with additional revenue streams through PopMoney, Master Card Cash Pick-Up, Dynamic Currency Conversion, B4U Cryptocurrency and more.


The MetaKiosk is a purpose built kiosk designed to support cryptocurrency, gaming, and payments with modular functionality for expanded use in emerging industries. Designed with flexible functionality and capabilities set to enable debit, cash-in/dispense transactions, barcode reading and supports robust industry authentication capabilities such as ID scan and camera identification.

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Being the ideal solution for off-premise environments, for both Financial and Retail locations, the Hero offers an advanced design and user-friendly interface displayed on a 15” screen. This full Windows model can support WinCE and Windows 10 to handle whatever transaction set you can dream up. Its sophisticated look combined with its high cash capacity make the Hero series an ideal fit for both Retail and Financial installs.

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Hyosung’s latest TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) in the Cajera CR-E series is designed as the entry-level TCR model for Retailers seeking the most reliable and proven cash recycling technology while maximizing return on investment. The Cajera CR-E streamlines cashier productivity with TCR functionality previously unavailable in its class, leveraging the latest in TCR technology including stacked cassettes, high speed, capacity, and Windows 10 security.

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The brilliant 12.1-inch color display has capacitive touch function keys and a more elegant user interface. The integrated topper now has a brightness control (high, medium, and low) allowing the FORCE to be customized to any environment, from bright C-stores to dark nightclubs. Arrows at the card and receipt slots light up to direct the user to those areas. All with a 6K note capacity.

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The HALO II brings its customers their cash without the need to visit a bank. The HALO II does more than just distributing cash, it provides additional revenue streams through PopMoney, Mastercard Cash Pickup, dynamic currency conversion, and B4U cryptocurrency.

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Retail Products

Hyosung's retail solutions are provided in a wide variety of formats in keeping with market trends, from cash deposits and withdrawals to payments and robot cafes.

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Retail Insights

Hyosung’s commitment to research and development enables us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.