Why You Need a Retail ATM Services App

From corner stores to shopping malls, retail ATMs are convenient for customers and can make substantial profits for both operators and the shops in which they are located. Of course, monitoring and maintaining a fleet of even a modest size can be difficult, especially if it’s spread out across the county, state, or region. 

With Hyosung America’s retail ATM services app, MoniMobile, you’ll have a powerful set of tools at your fingertips that can help you stay updated on the status and health of your machines. It’s quite simply the future of ATM network management, and it’s available for your tablet or smartphone today.

Collect Data Quickly

Information matters, as does the speed at which you receive it. Hyosung America’s merchant ATM services app solution can give you the data you need in an instant - all you need to do is scan the QR code on your machine. Balance information can also be logged in the app, which can help you keep a running total of the funds and denominations available in your network. 

In addition to this functionality, you can also create groups based on ATM location or business type. Group your ATMs placed in convenience stores and compare them to your ATMs placed in bars and restaurants. This type of information will help you make smart decisions about where to place your current ATMs and can prove invaluable when you decide to add more machines to your network.

Identify and Fix Problems Quickly

Even with the reliable new technology that’s available to today’s ATM operators, there will still be some issues that require your attention. The MoniMobile app contains all the information necessary to diagnose and resolve many common technical problems. Troubleshoot, watch a tutorial video, and get your machine up and running before you lose a single transaction. 

For more complex problems, this smart app can also help. It allows you to store the information of service technicians (which can vary over a large network) and make service calls right from the app. Less downtime means more profit for both you and the businesses in which your ATMs are placed.

A Must-Have App for ATM IADs and ISOs

If you’re an ISO or IAD, the MoniMobile ISO retail ATM mobile app solution is essential software. It includes all of the services of Hyosung America’s popular MoniMobile Merchant app, plus added functionality and information that allows you to change passwords, reset communication protocols, check for the latest software updates, and more. Without a large company or financial institution supporting them, independent operators shoulder a lot of the burden of keeping a network up and running. These tools make this often-challenging task much more manageable.

Work With an Industry-Leader

When you work with an industry-leader like Hyosung America, you know you're getting a field-tested app that’s developed with decades of experience and features the latest, innovative technology. 

Keep track of your fleet, make maintenance quick and efficient, and make data-based decisions when it comes to ATM placement with this cutting-edge software solution. If you think MoniMobile is right for you, contact us today for more information.