HYOSUNG: Center of Innovation


Nautilus Hyosung Americas Headquarters

We are a company of dedicated professionals who continually innovate automated products and self-service solutions for the financial and retail industries.  And we believe we do it better than anyone else.


  • We invent and apply real solutions that work
  • We focus on excellence in customer service
  • We continually evolve and improve our products and ourselves

Nautilus Hyosung America is a subsidiary of South Korea Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in self-service solutions to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets.  Our headquarters is located in Irving, Texas and we have research and development support at our Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.  

Where ingenuity meets agility.

We are proud to say our software and hardware developers are ingenious, original, and inventive in applying new ideas that solve problems and meet challenges for our customers. In both business and software development, we possess the ability to rapidly and efficiently adapt to change. We think these two qualities make the ideal combination to ensure our continued success and the success of our customers.


A Message from our President