Financial ATM Products

Can be upgraded with extra features & security.

Monimax 5100T provides optional modules such as sunlight viewable LCD display, up to 4 cassettes, electronic or cencon lock and 5.7" supervisor display.

Features superior and reliable performance.

Functionality includes cash withdrawal, card retraction,receipt printing and dot-matrix Journal printing or electronic journal.

Designed for compact spaces & demanding needs.

The MoniMax 5600T is designed to meet various customer’s demands of withdrawal, balance inquiry and transfer transaction.

Compact, convenient ATM solution.

Gives a new look for your customer as a drive-up-rear-access wall type ATM solution that accepts both cash and checks deposits.

Meet immediate demands for cash.

The MoniMax7600 is designed to meet the everyday demands of immediate cash needs for individuals with a compact size to fit in virtually any place.

For drive-up locations including shopping centers.

The MoniMax7600I is a full service island ATM. Consumers can deposit cash and receive dispensed cash and transaction records through openings in the fascia.

A full range of features and functionalities.

Monimax 7600T is designed to support multifunctional services with features such as cash acceptor, check scanner and envelope depository.

Teller cash recycler with unprecedented convenience and speed. 

The MoniSafe 400A, from Nautilus Hyosung, provides enhanced productivity and security for the branch. By simplifying cash transactions, MoniSafe 400A reduces back office task and wait times, improving customer satisfaction and branch sales performance.

Increased Speed and Security for Superior Branch Efficiency

The MoniSafe 500 teller cash recycler is a powerful solution in the transformation of the retail banking branch channel. The MoniSafe 500 greatly improves the automation of cash transactions, allowing tellers to provide more customer-centric service and increase cross-selling of bank products and services. Better management of your cash means efficiency, growth and the opportunity to position your branches for the future of retail banking.

A revolutionary mobile ATM makes your life easier.

Nautilus Hyosung introduces a brand-new mobile interface ATM.  

Smart Branch Solution

A totally new and innovative solution offering maximum productivity to the branch and unsurpassed convenience to customers. 

Increased Value Through Innovation and Security

The ideal solution in transforming branch activities from transactional to relationship growth.

Flexible. Compatible. Scalable.

Technology you can bank on. Maximize client satisfaction and branch productivity with the next generation of secure, customer-centric ATM technology.The MX8800 streamlines branch operations and delivers peace of mind with fast and secure self-service, video-link,and in-person support options.