A Revolutionary Mobile ATM Makes Your Life Easier

MoniValue100, a brand-new Mobile Interface ATM from Nautilus Hyosung, provides cardless and contactless cash transaction services, enabling quick, convenient and secure cash withdrawals. 

Ease, Convenience, Speed

No card. No queue.  Simply cash.  Mobile Interface ATM transactions involving one-time codes are the easiest form of cash access. The customer simply preorders cash on their mobile app, finds the nearest ATM, and taps or scans the NFC-enabled contactless card reader or QR Code on the MoniValue100 for their cash withdrawl. Electronic receipts are delivered to the smartphone, eliminating the need for paper receipts.

Enhanced Security 

MoniValue100 eliminates security risks related to lost or stolen cards or incidents of card fraud as a result of skimming.  Every preordered transaction expires immediately after a predefined time, and all personal banking data in the mobile app is encrypted, therefore customers are free from the threats of possible fraud.

Innovative Design

The simple design with a 10" one-touch display provides a more intuitive look and feel for customers.  The innovative design of MoniValue100 invites customers to a truly interactive experience, securing your investment for generations to come.  MoniValue100 provides customers with a new, complete, and convenient self-service experience.




  • System Platform: CEN/X FS 3.10 or later, Microsoft® Window® 8 OS
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Screen Display: 10:1" LCD (touch screen)
  • Input Type: touch screen, Contactless card reader (NFC)
  • Security: Portrait camera, Cash dispense slot camera (optional), Safe: UL 291 Level-1
  • Card Reader: no card needed
  • Cash Dispenser: automatic shutter, Reject and retract capability, Maximum fill level 345mm per cassette, Up to 5 cassettes
  • Printers: Electronic receipts via SMS or email
  • Additional Features: none
  • Power Supply: 50-60Hz, AC100-127V/AC200-240V
  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F ~ 104°F ), Humidity: 25%-85%
  • Dimension:

    Height: 52.0" (1,1321 mm) Width:17.3" (440 mm) Depth:32.3" (818 mm) Weight: 906lbs (412 kg)

  • Antenna: External antenna (Cable: 1.5m)
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