Hyosung America is a top ATM machine services provider. With 24/7 on-call support, we offer prompt response to your installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

ATM Equipment Installing and Maintenance Service

When your customers want to conduct a transaction, they want to do it now. They want it fast and they want it simple. We understand that at Hyosung, which is why our commitment to customer service is absolute. On call we have more than just knowledgeable and experienced technicians who serve you with the greatest courtesy. We offer you an entire service organization dedicated to excellence in every aspect of installing and maintaining your ATM equipment. Our customer service begins when our project management team directs a trouble-free equipment installation process so that your ATM functions according to your time-frame, specifications and budget.

24/7 On Call ATM Services Provider

In February 2017, we unveiled the new Service Operations Center (SOC), a state of the art system offering 24/7 monitoring for Hyosung customers and Field Service Engineers (FSEs). The new Service Operations Center supports 32 workstations in theater style seating, facing a 29โ€™ x 9โ€™ high-definition Galaxia LED display surrounded by six separate 75โ€ LCD monitors. The central screen displays real-time data on existing service requests and shows agents the geographic distribution of calls, technician assignments, status of the request and aging information along with the location of Hyosung Field Service Engineers. The additional screens present details which help agents optimize routing and schedules to best serve our customers.

Repairing ATM
ATM Technician Management System

Our technicians are extremely skilled in repairing hardware problems in the field. Equally important to us is their ability to successfully interact with customers on a daily basis. At Hyosung, we use technology to improve our technicians, not to replace them, because we believe customer service is a personal experience. Moreover, what sets us apart from other ATM service providers is that we hire our technicians as employees of the Hyosung team, not contracted workers, so our customers are provided consistent service. Our team members receive the highest quality of training that is continually updated and enhanced. State-of-the-art lock management, a purpose-built ATM technician management system, and the latest advancements in tool technology empower our technicians to do the job right the first time. We take great pride in the all-around excellence of our technicians in delivering on our commitment to you and every customer we serve.