Though our ATMs are designed to avoid downtime, even the best machines on the market can experience problems that require service. When this happens, getting a technician on the scene and quickly resolving the issue is our main concern. With thousands of ATMs spread across the continent, Hyosung America has a lot to monitor. To ensure that we can expeditiously fix any service glitch, anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, we constructed a state-of-the-art ATM service operations center.

Since opening in February 2017, our service operations center (SOC) handles incoming service requests, assigns and dispatches field service engineers, and monitors the progress of repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need technical support, our operations center is at your service.

Our field service engineers (FSEs) are tracked with the most sophisticated equipment, including a massive 29’ by 9’ high-definition Galaxia LED display surrounded by six separate 75” LCD monitors. The main screen display shows up to the minute reporting of:

  • The number of current service calls
  • The geographical locations of service requests
  • Field service engineer assignments
  • The geographic distribution of our FSEs
  • Status updates on repairs

In addition to the data displayed on the main screen, the secondary monitors display details on specific repair jobs; details that can help our FSEs work more efficiently in the field. Workers in our SOC can keep our clients posted on the status of their service requests and notify them when the job is complete.


ATM Monitoring Service

Software from Hyosung America that you use to monitor your fleet of machines can help you identify problems in your ATM network. That info can be fed to the SOC, which will schedule any maintenance that is required. We know that great customer service and client relations, and speedy repairs, matters in the ATM industry. After all, when your machine goes down, you’ll probably lose business to a nearby competitor. Make sure your company, business, or financial institution is working with a global leader in not just ATM and software design, but also in customer service and machine maintenance.

With modular designs that make repairs quick and simple, a 24-hour service operations center to coordinate repair jobs, and an army of skilled field service engineers, Hyosung America has what it takes to keep your ATMs up and running. Contact us today and discover what this cutting-edge technology can do for you.