When you purchase an ATM or financial software from Hyosung America, you get much more than a high-quality product–you get professional ATM installation, helpful customer service, and access to a team of highly skilled technicians. Maintaining even a small network of ATMs can be a lot of work, especially if you have to hire different companies to install and maintain your machines. At Hyosung America, we’ve streamlined the process for you by providing ATM maintenance services in addition to installation. From prompt delivery to future repair, you’ll only ever have to work with one company.

Maximum Uptime. Minimum Downtime

Out-of-service ATMs can lead to long lines at your bank branch, customers who put off making purchases for lack of cash, and account holders who are frustrated and unhappy. Whether in a financial institution, a retail environment, or in a standalone or drive-up setting, your ATMs need to function with as little downtime as possible. Hyosung America is committed to providing you with the latest technology and a talented team of personnel to make sure your fleet is 100% functional, morning, noon, and night.

Our ATM equipment service includes:
  • Software to monitor the health of your fleet and identify problems
  • A state of the art service operations center to efficiently assign field technicians
  • ATM design that features modular construction to make repairs quick and easy
  • 24-hour customer service

Helping you meet your customers’ needs is the core of our business. From high-capacity recycling ATMs that require little manual cash handling, to intuitive and in depth fleet monitoring software and support services, we can help you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. The result is a network of reliable machines that will allow your customers to perform a variety of financial transactions in settings that are convenient for them, at any time of day. They’ll stay happy, and your business will continue to grow.

Hyosung America can offer you the full package; installation, monitoring, and service if needed. Whether you’re expanding into a new regional market or just considering adding a few ATMs to your chain of local supermarkets, we can help you achieve your goals, and provide the service you need to keep your fleet up and running. Contact us for more details today.