Even with smartly designed machines, high-tech software, and a world-class SOC, it’s still the field service engineers (FSEs) who are ultimately responsible for fixing any problems with your fleet. At Hyosung America, we know that maintaining a full force of FSEs located at strategic points across the continent is key to ensuring ATM service technician availability to our customers and clients. If something goes wrong, a technician can be dispatched quickly, thus limiting downtime and saving you valuable business.

The Hyosung Standard of Service

In addition to being engineers who are trained to identify and fix numerous problems with your machines, our technicians are personable and comfortable working in your environment. We believe that customer service is at its core- a personal experience; so, we arm our techs with all the tools they need to get the job done. From the representative who handles your maintenance ticket to the FSE who visits your site, you can expect nothing but the utmost professionalism from everyone who represents Hyosung Americas.

High-Quality Training Counts

ATM repair service availability means nothing if we can’t get the job done. That is why we dedicate so much energy to the training of our technicians. Chances are, anything the FSE sees in the field, they’ve already encountered in their training. Thanks to a modular construction method used in our machines, replacing parts is relatively easy as compared with other manufacturers. We also use the latest lock management systems, a purpose-built ATM technician deployment system, and other advanced tools to get your machine back in working order. With technology and personnel working together, there’s virtually no ATM problem our team can’t solve. We take pride in offering one of the best ATM repair and maintenance teams in the industry.

The latest technology, a team of highly trained technicians, and a commitment to excellence sets Hyosung America apart from our competitors. From retail settings to financial institutions, including standalone ATM kiosks and drive-up designs, we can provide you with a support team that will ensure your machines work at peak efficiency, from installation through years of use. If you’re looking to expand your fleet of ATMs and work with the most reliable maintenance team in the industry, the choice is clear. Contact Hyosung America today, and we’ll discuss the ATM solutions that meet your business’s needs.