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  • Hyosung Americas Launches Industry's First Mobile App for ATM Operators and Distributors
    Hyosung Americas Launches Industry's First Mobile App for ATM Operators and Distributors

    The MoniMobile ISO app transforms the full management capabilities of Hyosung ATMs.

    IRVING, Texas, Oct. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nautilus Hyosung America (Hyosung), the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, today announced the availability of its new, patent-pending mobile application, for the ISO/IAD channel. MoniMobile allows ATM operators and distributors to manage Hyosung ATMs remotely with the greatest level of ease and efficiency.

    "MoniMobile Merchant was an industry first, allowing Hyosung ATM Merchants to ditch their operations manual and replace it with a mobile app," said Jason Kuhn, VP of retail product marketing and planning. "Now the power of MoniMobile comes to the ISO/IAD channel with extended video lists, service requests, contact sharing, tech check-in and more."

  • New Monimobile App
    New Monimobile App

    Hyosung’s new MoniMobile app allows merchants to easily manage Hyosung ATMs.

    One of the newest products in the ATM market is our leading service offering, MoniMobile.  It allows merchants and ATM operators to manage Hyosung ATMs with ease and efficiency. The merchant app is now available for free download on the Android platform, with iOS availability coming later this year. 

    “This app truly revolutionizes the way ATM operators and merchants interact with and manage their ATMs,” said Jason Kuhn, vice president of retail product marketing and planning at Hyosung. “There is nothing like MoniMobile on the market today that can help cut costs by giving users direct, real-time control of ATM management.”


The World Leader in Human Technology

Hyosung is dedicated to making technology work for the humans who use it.
We provide solutions that simply work better and more intuitively. There are no gadgets for the sake of gadgets. Hyosung is a global leader in research and development across a wide range of industries. We bring that innovation to every financial transaction. Every ATM product, service and support system is engineered to be reliable and flexible. We listen to our customers and constantly improve our offerings to reflect their input. We are leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions. It is this commitment to Human Technology that has made us a dependable partner and global leader in the ever-changing world of banking.

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