Inspired Engineering

Hyosung engineers both hardware and software solutions in-house. With an impressive investment in research and development, Hyosung’s engineers are in the forefront of the industry.

Engineering Innovation

By developing our core modules in-house, we are able to ensure high quality, improve speed to market, and easily fix any problems that might arise.

History that Inspires

A History that Includes 1,833 Patents

Inspired Technology

Our Software Technology Research Institute was founded in 1989 to continue improving the software solutions Hyosung can provide to their partners. Whether it’s to provide a managed solution for your bank, enable your branches to offer their customers more, or add functionality to retail machines, Hyosung has you covered.

Hyosung engineers working
Inspired Engineering
The Next Generation of ATMs

Hyosung is leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions. Through innovative technology and industry expertise, Hyosung engineers ATMs with the enhanced functionality and usability modern users expect.