Inspired Leadership

Hyosung has a proud history of leading innovation within the company as well as across the financial and retail technology industry.

President Sohn

Since its founding, Hyosung TNS has always put customer-centric first. And because our customers’ trust is our top priority, we constantly strive to innovate and grow to suit their needs. As a result, we have long been a leader in the global market. 

In this rapidly changing global business environment, the needs of our customers have become more diverse. In order to get a deeper understanding of our customers’ changeable needs and to maximize their value, we are pursuing a large number of exciting innovations. 

With a commitment to making life more convenient and prosperous for everyone around the world, we are well on our way to the top. 

Keep an eye out for Hyosung TNS as we make history on a path where no one has gone. We are committed to continue listening to our customers’ voices and to dream big, solving any challenges along the way toward a better future together.

CEO & President
Hyunsik Sohn
$13 Billion Worldwide

Hyosung’s global reach is currently 47+ countries and growing! Our customers spend $13 billion with us annually to provide them with industry-leading hardware and software solutions. We invest heavily in research and development so we can focus on improving our offerings to the banking, retail, and business industries.

Research and Development

Hyosung invests in research and development to lead the industry in providing customers with innovative solutions.

Plant Capacity

We have plants across the globe and are proudly able to manufacture 108,000 machines each year, or 9,000 per month.

History that Inspires

Hyosung built the first computer manufacturing factory in Korea in 1979, contributing to a wider distribution of computers in Korea. Hyosung is striving to keep its commitment of being innovative and customer-centric in various fields of financial solution business by continuously putting efforts into research and development.


Hyosung TNS Founded

  • Hyosung TNS was founded
  • Secured 4 patents for banking hardware
  • Established Hyosung Computer Division (Tech partnership with Hitachi)

Established The First Computer Manufacturing Plant in Korea (Gumi)

  • Production of first office computer, HL-320