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Hyosung has a proud history of industry-leading innovation in ATM hardware, software, and services focused in the financial and retail markets.

Hyosung America CEO, Sang Hwan Kweon

Thank you for visiting Hyosung America! We are a company of dedicated innovators who are leading the ATM self-service solutions marketplace in both the financial services and retail industries. We invent and apply real solutions that work, and our focus on innovation, engineering, and superior customer service has made us a world leader in the ATM marketplace. While our competitors are piloting recycling ATMs we have already deployed tens of thousands of units today.

Hyosung America is a subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that is South Korea’s Hyosung, Inc. With the support of our global reach and scale, we are one of the United States’ highest valued and financially stable organizations in the ATM industry. This, as well as our global reach and investment in research and development, has made us the fastest growing manufacturers of ATMs and TCRs in North America.

Our U.S. headquarters, distribution, service, and training centers are located in Dallas, Texas, while our research and development support team is located at our Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio. All together our 800+ U.S. employees are raising the bar for innovation, responsiveness, and reliability in the ATM Industry.

Come visit us today to see why we are the fastest growing ATM manufacturer in North America!

Hyosung America, CEO
Sang Hwan Kweon
Sang Hwan Kweon
Mission - The Hyosung Way

As the global leader in technology solutions, we inspire innovation in consumer experience around the world.


We celebrate creativity and new possibilities, encouraging new ideas and bold actions.


We strategically align our objectives and act decisively to maximize our resources, producing the best possible outcomes.


We invest heavily in our people and collaborative team-based culture, enabling us to take on new and exciting challenges.


We are honest and ethical, always accountable for our actions and transparent in our communication at all times.

$13 Billion Worldwide

Hyosung’s global reach is currently 47+ countries and growing! Our customers spend $13 billion with us annually to provide them with industry-leading hardware and software solutions. We invest heavily in research and development so we can focus on improving our offerings to the banking, retail, and business industries.

Hyosung Global Map

The Recognized Leader in Banking and Retail Markets
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Inspired People

As a leading innovator in ATM and cash management solutions, Hyosung America is always looking for inspired people to join to our team. Explore to see if a career with Hyosung is right for you.

Growth in North America

We’re inspired to connect you to the best self-service and cash management solutions in banking and retail. Hyosung is the industry leader in core integration and recycling, and we have engineered our TCRs with the same core technology as our recycling ATMs to help transform your business.

Experience Hyosung

We create new opportunities. Experience inspired innovation through our financial and retail technologies in person. Contact your Sales Representative to set up a tour of our new Customer Experience Center in Irving, Texas, today, and explore how we can inspire solutions to transform your business.

History that Inspires

Hyosung built the first computer manufacturing factory in Korea in 1979, contributing to a wider distribution of computers in Korea. Hyosung is striving to keep its commitment of being innovative and customer-centric in various fields of financial solution business by continuously putting efforts into research and development.


Hyosung TNS Founded

  • Hyosung TNS was founded
  • Secured 4 patents for banking hardware
  • Established Hyosung Computer Division (Tech partnership with Hitachi)

Established The First Computer Manufacturing Plant in Korea (Gumi)

  • Production of first office computer, HL-320