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Hyosung is proud to serve customers across the globe. In Banking, Retail, and Business, we have the opportunity to provide solutions for a wide range of customers. We partner with them to help their businesses grow and meet their goals.

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National and Regional Banks

Hyosung provides industry-leading ATM banking solutions to large and national banks in North America and partners with 5 of the 6 largest banks in the U.S. With innovative ATM hardware and software cash management and self-service solutions, Hyosung addresses the branch transformation needs of financial institutions.

Hyosung-badged certified service technicians provide worry-free nationwide coverage and aim to complete all ATM and TCR repairs on the first call for maximum uptime and availability which is made possible with Hyosung’s exclusive modular part engineering.

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Community Banks and Credit Unions

Hyosung delivers the same industry-leading cash management and self-service ATM solutions to regional and local banks and credit unions through partnering with an exclusive network of Authorized Dealers covering all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Hyosung Authorized Dealers offer innovative hardware and software solutions to address the needs of all sizes of financial institutions today and into the future.

This provides the ability to partner with locally owned and operated dealers who are also invested in your communities, people, and customers. Hyosung Authorized Dealers also specialize in complementary solutions such as security, conventional equipment, consulting and maintenance services to assist regional and community banks and credit unions with most of their banking needs.

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Business Retailers

Hyosung takes great pride in over 20 years of Retail ATM market leadership providing small-footprint Retail ATMs to businesses of all sizes including convenience stores, hotels, malls, casinos, night clubs, department stores and many more retail locations. Retail ATMs provide self-service access to cash where people need it beyond traditional bank locations. Chances are if you ever use an ATM at a retail location, it will most likely be a Hyosung ATM.

Hyosung offers a wide variety of retail ATM hardware and software solutions exclusively through our ATM Dealer network. Hyosung Dealers also specialize in complimentary solutions such as security, maintenance services, and consulting to meet the needs of retailers.

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Hyosung’s history has led it to reach great milestones. Below are some of our achievements that we are proud to have accomplished because of our customers.

Countries Hyosung Does Business In

Hyosung operates in 47 countries worldwide.

Machines Manufactured Each Year

Hyosung engineers and manufactures over 108,000 machines each year.

Registered Patents

Hyosung has registered 1,833 patents on industry-leading technology.

In multiple ATM markets

Hyosung is number one in the Korean, United States, and Indonesian ATM markets.

Our Partners
Bank BRI
First Bank
Punjab National Bank
Bank of Ayudhya
Bank Jateng
Al Rajhi Bank

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