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Hyosung offers a variety of hardware products to ensure we have the solutions you need. With machines built specifically for Banking, Retail, and Business, we have the needs of the consumer in mind.

Through the Wall
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Through the Wall

Hyosung's through-the-wall, self-service ATM can be a standalone branch. The self-service ATM can be a self-sufficient branch; more personalized, powerful and richer communication channel when it is well adapted with Hyosung’s best offerings. With a wide range of functionality, including core integration, bank members are able to use Hyosung’s through-the-wall ATMs for many of their banking needs.

7T full view

Designed to provide unprecedented reliability, the 7T is unparalleled in the market. This full-function, through-the-wall ATM can easily be upgraded from a cash dispenser to deposit automation and sup...

MX7800D full view

The MX7800D gives your consumers a choice on how to interact: self-service or with the help of on-demand video assistance. The MX7800D offers a robust set of transactions with core integration, not ju...

MX5100T full view

The MX5100T is a through-the-wall ATM that delivers high availability and offers a wide variety of optional modules along with traditional service offerings. The MX5100T offers best in class reliabili...

MX5600T full view

Hyosung is a world leading convenience deployment brand. The MX5600T allows complete deployment flexibility and a broad range of non-traditional offerings. Ideal for in-branch or off premise deploymen...