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Hyosung offers a variety of hardware products to ensure we have the solutions you need. With machines built specifically for Banking, Retail, and Business, we have the needs of the consumer in mind.

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Cajera CR-E full view
Cajera CR-E

Hyosung’s latest CR (Cash Recycler) in the Cajera CR-E series is designed as the entry-level CR model for Retailers seeking the most reliable and proven cash recycling technology while maximizing retu...

Cajera CR-U full view
Cajera CR-U

The Cajera CR-U delivers all of the functionality of the Cajera standard except, in a small package. Features such as transit cassette, self-audit, and continuous feed are all included in this mini po...

Cajera CR-H full view
Cajera CR-H

The Cajera CR-H MS-500 is a digitally secure, fast and feature-rich cash recycler for Retail locations. The Cajera CR-H modular design and high capacity cassettes drive Hyosung’s industry-leading avai...