Multi-Function, Free-Standing, Island Drive-Up ATM

The MX7800IA enables customers to choose how they want to interact with your financial institution by offering a robust set of transactions through Hyosung’s industry-leading core integration solutions either autonomously or with on-demand video assistance greatly improving the limited traditional ATM experience.

MX7800IA close up
19"/15" LCD Touch Screen
3,000 Notes per Cassette
Microsoft Windows® 10

The MX7800IA has the ability to deliver transactions through self-service or with the support of on-demand video assistance.


Innovative modular design and the use of Hyosung’s manufactured core technologies allow for fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime.


The MX7800IA is equipped with a user interface specifically adapted to accommodate a wide range of drive-thru teller transactions.


The MX7800IA has a high capacity, cash dispense capability and the ability to support large volume transactions.

The MX7800IA gives financial institutions the ability to offer all-inclusive service, including cash dispensing, check depositing, and withdrawal denomination selection.

• Safe: UL291 Level 1, CEN safe • Lock: Electronic lock, 
Mechanical combination lock, 
KABA Mas cencon lock • Sensor: Alarm (Heat & Seismic), 
Door sensor • Privacy filter •Anti skimming, Anti card trapping,
Anti shimming, Anti cash trapping • Security camera (Face & Hand) • MoniGuard endpoint security software


• Receipt printer: graphical thermal printer • Journal printer: e-Journal
(Thermal printer optional)

Environmental Conditions:

• Temperature: 0℃ ~ 55℃ (32℉ ~ 131℉) • Humidity: 10% ~ 100%

Dimensions (UL Level 1):

• Height: 1,494mm (58.8 inch) • Width: 1,060.7mm (41.8 inch) • Depth: 1,000.3mm (39.4 inch) • Weight: 1,098kg (2,420 lbs.)


• Front access

Customer Interface:

• 15/19” inch display with touch screen
(Sunlight viewable optional) • 4 x 2 Function Keys (optional) • Lead-through indicator • PIN Pad – PCI compliant • Card Reader – EMV Ready
- Dip, Motorized hybrid
- EMV level 1, 2 compliant
- Anti-skimming device • Contactless card reader
(RF option) • Audio – speaker / earphone jack

System Platform:

• Microsoft Windows® 10 • Hyosung Moniplus™ XFS

Media Technology:

• Cash Dispenser 
- Maximum fill level 345mm per cassette 
- Up to 5 cassettes 
- Bundle present / retract 
- Note by note rejection 
- Automatic shutter • Cash and Check depository (single slot) 
- Maximum fill level 227mm per cassette 
- Up to 75 notes and checks mixed bundle deposit per transaction 
- 2 cassettes
- Reject retract capability - ECB article 6 compliant 
- 4-way cash and check scanning & printing

Additional Features:

• Barcode reader • Proximity sensor • Air-conditioner, Heater (option) • Video conference (option)

19"/15" LCD Touch Screen
On-Demand Video Assistance
19"/15" LCD Touch Screen
On-Demand Video Assistance
Innovative modular design
Innovative modular design
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