MoniMobile Next-Gen: Nautilus Hyosung America Brings New Features to Industry’s First Mobile Application for ATM Management and Maintenance

Innovation for ATM Operators

Written by  on November 30, 2017

Hyosung’s innovative mobile application, MoniMobile, has revolutionized the way ATM merchants and operators interact with and manage their ATMs. Today, we’re proud to announce the next generation of MoniMobile with added features and new capabilities. The in-app updates will allow merchants and ATM operators to manage Hyosung ATMs with even more ease and efficiency.

ISOs will now be able to create and share groups inside or outside their organization through MoniMobile ISO. If you outsource your cash loading services, you can now share a group of ATMs directly with the employees of a specified organization. ISOs can even conveniently manage varying levels of permissions for those in a specific group.

Another new enhancement comes to service requests such as Tech Check-In, which allow for a greater level of accountability. When a service request is created through MoniMobile Merchant, the request is time and date stamped. The technician checks in upon arrival to the site using MoniMobile ISO, which also time and date stamps their check in on the Merchant’s service request. Once the ATM is up and running, the service request can be closed by the technician. There is a final time and date stamp on the record, including closing notes from the technician.

MoniMobile ISO and MoniMobile Merchant are now better suited to support all aspects of ATM management resulting in maximum business potential for ISOs, merchants and operators. Some additional new offerings include:

  • Managing, sharing and keeping data in order, no matter the size of the route with accurate ATM fleet data
  • ATM configuration that includes communication type (Dial-Up or TCP/IP)
  • Options to write details of the ATM, such as the wireless serial number of the router
  • Cash Loader scans that will update the cash balance in the app so it is visible to members of the group
  • No longer is your accurate fleet data confined to the app. ATM list export is now available directly from the app, including all ATM configuration data.

For more information, please visit our MoniMobile Guide.

Jason Kuhn

Vice President of Product Marketing & Planning

Jason Kuhn serves as Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning for Retail at Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest supplier of ATMs to the U.S. market. With over 20 years of ATM and electronic payments industry experience, Jason has been involved in the development and rollout of a variety of innovative products and services. His many contributions to the ATM industry range from manufacturing, product design, custom software development, cardless transaction innovation, mobile app development, vendor management, transaction processing, PCI & EMV compliance, and more.

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