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Bringing customers tomorrow’s ATM technology today

Written by  on June 03, 2018

Bringing customers tomorrow’s ATM technology today

At Hyosung, we focus on more than just creating new technology solutions; our goal is to make technology work the best way possible for the people who use it daily. Simply put, we provide intuitive solutions to our customer’s needs. In order to accomplish this, we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers and improving our offerings based on their input. The FORCE ATM is just the latest example of our dedication to usability andserviceability on behalf of our consumers.

As a lot of customers can attest, it’s difficult to service your ATM when you can’t see what is going on. On the new FORCE ATM, our engineers added a light in the vault to make it easier to cash load and service the ATM. Never again will someone need to hold a flashlight while trying to work inside. It also gives maximum installation versatility, with four power chord holes to allow the machine to be placed anywhere, even flush against the back wall.

Another advanced feature on the FORCE ATM is its new wireless mounting bracket to keep your router and cables up safely out of the way, as well as two additional power outlets; one for your wireless modem and another for any other device like a video topper. Wireless has quickly become one of the most prevalent forms of ATM communications, and the mounting bracket helps to protect your wireless investment as well as ensuring uptime.

Simplifying the user experience is another way Hyosung makes technology work for the user. The optional integrated topper on the FORCE ATM now has a brightness control, allowing it to be customized to any environment, from bright C-stores to dark nightclubs. Also customizable are the animated lead-through indicators, again giving more control to the ATM operator and merchant.

Advancements in security abilities are always top of mind for our customers, and the FORCE’s optional camera that monitors user transactions allows for displaying the camera view on the transaction screen, making the user aware of their surroundings during ATM use. An additional camera mount has been provided to allow installation of a third-party camera for even more security.

Our commitment to human technology has made us one of the most dependable partners in the ever-changing world of financial services. The Hyosung team does not upgrade its ATM products for the sake of making changes; each design change is carefully planned and executed in order to create the most efficient user experience. When our customers talk, we listen. We heard you and responded with the new FORCE ATM.

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Jason Kuhn serves as Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning for Retail at Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest supplier of ATMs to the U.S. market. With over 20 years of ATM and electronic payments industry experience, Jason has been involved in the development and rollout of a variety of innovative products and services. His many contributions to the ATM industry range from manufacturing, product design, custom software development, cardless transaction innovation, mobile app development, vendor management, transaction processing, PCI & EMV compliance, and more.

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