Cash And Its Consumption of Branch Operations

Find out how cash recyclers can drive efficiencies across your branch footprint

Written by  on August 27, 2018

Consumers are still using branches. Cash is not going away; cash consumes branches processes, increases operating costs, and lengthens transaction times. Hyosung Cash Recyclers fixes all of this.

In recent years, credit and debit cards have become the mainstream way to pay for most everything, but that does not mean using cash has disappeared from the consumer experience and trade.

Hyosung is proud to introduce the Fastest Growing TCR in the US, the MS500. The MS500 has advanced technology including safe and secure cash, self audit, a large total capacity, increased speed and continuous feed.

Jason Kuhn

Vice President of Product Marketing & Planning

Jason Kuhn serves as Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning for Retail at Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest supplier of ATMs to the U.S. market. With over 20 years of ATM and electronic payments industry experience, Jason has been involved in the development and rollout of a variety of innovative products and services. His many contributions to the ATM industry range from manufacturing, product design, custom software development, cardless transaction innovation, mobile app development, vendor management, transaction processing, PCI & EMV compliance, and more.

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