Cash Recycling is for Everyone

Cash recycling is not a new topic, but recent years have seen the volumes of cash deposits skyrocket. Why the sudden change?

Written by  on November 06, 2018

Cash recycling is not a new topic. Financial institutions across Europe and Asia have used recycling ATMs to offset the high costs of cash-in-transit companies for more than 25 years.

Written by Greg Donahue

In the United States, institutions have mulled for years whether implementing recycling technology at the ATM would provide a return on investment. Past results have been mixed — most institutions believed that for recycling to work, the ATM had to take in about as much cash as it dispensed to realize any benefits.


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Greg Donahue

Greg Donahue is an industry expert with over 11 years over experience in the Financial Self-Service field. He has guided financial institutions of all sizes in their approach to retail banking and self-service transformation. Over the last 6 years Greg has developed an extensive knowledge base on cash recycling at the ATM, and is one of the foremost experts on the topic. He is based in Dallas, TX and is passionate about collaborating with banking partners to identify new ways to enhance the customer experience, drive revenue, and create efficiencies within financial institutions.

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