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Retail TCP/IP Security

Are you as protected as you think you are?

TCP/IP, SSL, TLS. We all know the acronyms involved in our ATM’s communication methodology, but are we using them to the greatest extent possible to provide maximum protection? We’re all aware of the black box attacks that have been in the news and we want to take a moment and explain how to ensure you’re maximizing the communication protection elements already built into your Hyosung ATM’s software.

How Hyosung's Win10 Solutions Can Help You Avoid Another 7 Years of Disappointment

Now is the time to make sure your ATM performance and service issues are resolved before you're locked in for another 7 years.

Cash Recycling is for Everyone

Cash recycling is not a new topic, but recent years have seen the volumes of cash deposits skyrocket. Why the sudden change?

Cash recycling is not a new topic. Financial institutions across Europe and Asia have used recycling ATMs to offset the high costs of cash-in-transit companies for more than 25 years.

Cash And Its Consumption of Branch Operations

Find out how cash recyclers can drive efficiencies across your branch footprint

Consumers are still using branches. Cash is not going away; cash consumes branches processes, increases operating costs, and lengthens transaction times. Hyosung Cash Recyclers fixes all of this.

Show Your Force

It's time to show off your new Hyosung FORCE installs!

Hyosung is looking for photos of unique FORCE ATM installations from around North America. Post or send pictures of your FORCE installations and be entered for a chance to win a 1K FORCE ATM; it’s our way of saying “Thank You” for continuing to choose Hyosung as your technology & solutions provider for your business.

Now Available: Hyosung FORCE ATM

Bringing customers tomorrow’s ATM technology today

Bringing customers tomorrow’s ATM technology today

At Hyosung, we focus on more than just creating new technology solutions; our goal is to make technology work the best way possible for the people who use it daily. Simply put, we provide intuitive solutions to our customer’s needs. In order to accomplish this, we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers and improving our offerings based on their input. The FORCE ATM is just the latest example of our dedication to usability andserviceability on behalf of our consumers.

Why Hyosung? It's Easy...

First ATM Manufacturer to Introduce Cash Recycling to The U.S.

At Hyosung, the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, we are reshaping the ATM industry. Whether it’s state-of-the-art cash recyclers, core integration processing, mobile applications or remote service monitoring, Hyosung is committed to continuous innovation.

Nautilus Hyosung America Reaches Milestone With 15,000 ATMs and Recyclers Within Service Division

Rapid growth leads to over 100 new ATMs added per week under contract

Nautilus Hyosung America (Hyosung), the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, is pleased to announce the company has exceeded over 15,000 ATMs and recyclers under Hyosung maintenance contracts as exponential growth continues throughout the United States.

“A little over a year ago we reached the mark of having 5,000 ATMs in service, by this summer we had doubled that to 10,000 ATMs and now just a few months later we’ve already reached 15,000 ATMs,” said Tony Manno, vice president of service, Nautilus Hyosung America. “And there are no signs of us slowing down.”

Hyosung’s innovative mobile application, MoniMobile, has revolutionized the way ATM merchants and operators interact with and manage their ATMs. Today, we’re proud to announce the next generation of MoniMobile with added features and new capabilities. The in-app updates will allow merchants and ATM operators to manage Hyosung ATMs with even more ease and efficiency.

ISOs will now be able to create and share groups inside or outside their organization through MoniMobile ISO. If you outsource your cash loading services, you can now share a group of ATMs directly with the employees of a specified organization. ISOs can even conveniently manage varying levels of permissions for those in a specific group.

Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, is reshaping the ATM industry as it stands today. Whether it’s state-of-the-art cash recyclers, core integration processing, mobile applications or remote service monitoring, Hyosung is committed to constant innovation.

Today, we’re proud to announce another line of value added services that can take your traditional retail ATM to new heights. We are delivering innovative, revenue-generating technology for both legacy and new ATMs to provide our customers with unrivaled opportunities for additional retail transactions, ranging from Digital Donations, Dynamic Currency Conversion and Cryptocurrency to MasterCard Cash Pick-Up, Card Free Cash and more.

EMV - Insights & Innovation

Caring For Smart Chip Cards and Readers


The SOC: Hyosung's New State-of-the-Art Service Operations Center

24/7 monitoring and support for Hyosung customers and Field Service Engineers

MoniMobile: Rewriting the rules of ATM management and maintenance

Industry’s first mobile apps for ATM merchants, operators and distributors

The Future of Cash Part 2: Implications of the Underground Economy

The effects of the unbanked and underbanked population

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