How to activate your Hyosung Retail ATM to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief 

As tragic and devastating as Hurricane Harvey has been, it’s been wonderful to see Texans unite to help one another. You can help our Texas neighbors by activating your Hyosung Retail ATM for the Digital Donations program, here is how:


1. Existing Digital Donations users:

If you are already a Digital Donations customer, simply add the patch below to your retail ATM. Click HERE to download the patch file including the Hurricane Harvey relief fund donation. This can be loaded locally at the ATM with a USB drive or remotely using MoniView.

Hurricane Harvey Relief fund Screens: Download the Harvey Relief fund screen ads ABOVE in the "Download attachments" section to help generate donations to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Here are the screens available, depending on your machine's screen size:

  • NH1500SE - 640x480
  • NH-1800SE - 800x600
  • MX4000W - 800x600
  • NH2700(T) - 1024x600
  • MX5000SE - 1024x600
  • Halo (NH2600) and Halo II (NH2600SE) - 1024x600
  • MX5200SE - 1024x768
  • MX5300SE - 1024x768

2. NEW Digital Donations users:

Not a digital donations customer? Contact Paul Murphy to sign up today:

Paul Murphy
VP Operations
Operations Department
Digital Donations Inc.
PH: 877-243-9238 ext 201
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.