MoniMobile ISO

MoniMobile ISO

MoniMobile ISO

Nautilus Hyosung presents a premium, interactive solution designed specifically for retail ATM ISOs and IADs: MoniMobile ISO. MoniMobile ISO includes all the features of Hyosung’s MoniMobile Merchant App, with additional features to make ISO service and support more efficient and convenient.


MoniMobile ISO Features:

    • Extended Video List: Contains all the videos as in the merchant version plus more technical videos such as the following:
      • WinCE 5.0 (CE) and 6.0 (SE) Software load with SD Card or USB
      • EMV Configuration Tips
      • CDU De-Binding No Comm Error
      • LaGard Basic e-lock Troubleshooting
      • PCI 3.0 EPP Configuration including:
        • Changing Secure Mode Passwords
        • Changing EPP State IDs and Passwords
        • Changing the EPP State
        • Entering Master Keys

  • Service Requests: Receive Service Requests created in the MoniMobile merchant App directly into MoniMobile ISO
    • View Service Requests assigned
    • Close Service Requests and include notes on action taken
    • Reply with a note to the Service Request assignment
    • Escalate the Service Request with optional note to a third party
    • Receive notifications of closed and new Service Requests assigned
    • Map link for GPS navigation to service location
    • Add an ATM into your ATM list from the Service Request
  • Easy Contact Share: You can share your contact details via QR Code generation through MoniMobile ISO
  • Ability to share groups: The creator of the group has now the authority to share it with other MoniMobile ISO users.
  • Tech Check-In: Provides Time & Date stamp proof of arrival at service location


For additional suggestions for MoniMobile, including additional technical videos you’d like to see, please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Available on Apple App store and Android Play Store.


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