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MoniMobile Merchant


MoniMobile Merchant helps you with tasks for which you normally have to make a phone call or service call. It gives detailed, easy-to-follow “how -to” videos for common issues such as:

  • How to load receipt paper
  • How to load the cash cassette
  • How to update the cash balance in the admin menu
  • How to clear a note jam
  • How to clear a paper jam


Keep track of your ATMs by instantly adding the following ATM data into the app just by scanning a QR code:

  • Location, name and address
  • ATM type and serial number
  • Cash dispenser type and software version information
  • Card reader type and software version number
  • EPP type and software version number
  • Application software version
  • Communication type
  • Terminal ID information


As technology changes and the ATM software is updated, new error codes are added to the app, thus, making sure you always have the latest information to manage your ATMs. Additionally you will always know if your ATM has the most up to date software.


When your Nautilus Hyosung ATM is updated to support MoniMobile, a condition that would put the machine out of service will now also produce a QR Code that represents the error code. Merchants can simply scan the code and the app will provide the error code description and corrective action. Many codes are even accompanied by a video demonstrating how to perform the fix.


If need be, a merchant can even request a service call from the error code screen. The MoniMobile app will attach the scan information to the service call request and users will receive an email with all the pertinent location data as well as the current and last 10 error codes.  Additionally, if the Service Technician is using MoniMobile ISO, they will also receive the Service Request on that app allowing for additional features. For more information on MoniMobile ISO, click here.


Now you can easily create groups to categorize your ATMs. For example, if you are a merchant who owns various ATMs at C-stores, restaurants and clubs, you can categorize your ATMs by location or by ATMs you use the most- categories can be customized to fit your needs.


With MoniMobile's cash totals, Nautilus Hyosung customers can quickly scan balance information into the app and keep a log of their balance scans. The app does the math, allowing users to see bill count and cash balance. Scans are time-and date-stamped and, in the case of multidenominational ATMs, this data is detailed by cassette.


Can't remember who loads your cash and who repairs your ATM? The MoniMobile app has contact categories, allowing the merchant to group contacts as cash replenisher, servicer, and/or supplier.