Cut The Cord with moniAir Wireless from Nautilus Hyosung

With the low cost and high reliability of today's wireless communications, more and more ATM operators are "cutting the cord" and going wireless.


Nautilus Hyosung is proud to introduce moniAIR, a 3G, Verizon-certified Nautilus Hyosung device that can be factory installed or ordered separated for your existing ATM fleet.  THe moniAIR modem is manufactured by Nautilus Hyosung and fully optimized for maximum performance on your ATMs.  Additionally, moniAIR is fully compatible with MoniView, so going wireless will not inhibit your ability to remotely manage your fleet of Nautilus Hyosung ATMs.


The moniAIR wireless modem is a separate, sealed component with no exposed circuit boards, requiring no direct installation onto the ATM main board, making installation and setup a snap.  The moniAIR modem could easily be installed by nontechnical personnel.

Optimum Solution

The advanced cash recycling technology built by Nautilus Hyosung will help financial institutions benefit from cash dispensing, cash deposit, and recycling.  In this manner, cash is efficiently managed.  All five cassettes can be operated independently in dispense, deposit, and recycling mode to enable optimum utilization for effective self service operations.  With the addition of a check acceptance module, check deposit is enabled.

Wireless Kit

The moniAIR wireless kit includes the moniAIR modem, power and communication cables, and magnetic antenna.  You provide your own Verizon wireless service, and you're ready to go.

Easy Setup and Configuration Through ATM OP Menu

- ESN available in OP Menu for easy activation
- Network Test available for setup verification
- On Request and Always On modes available for optimal wireless data use management. 




  • moniAIR Wireless Kit: moniAIR modem, Power cable, USB communication cable, Nautilus Hyosung does not provide wireless connectivity; contact your ATM operator or Verizon reseller for modem activation
  • Power Supply: DC in: 24V, Module input: 4V
  • Environmental Conditions: Operational temperature: -5°C - +55°C (23°F - 131°F), Storage temperature: -20°C - +70°C (-4°F - 158°F), Relative humidity (noncondensing): +40°C (104°F), 80%
  • Dimension:

    Height: .2" (31 mm) Width:3.4" (87 mm) Depth:4.8" (121 mm) Weight: 12.34oz (0.4 kg)

  • Antenna: External antenna (Cable: 1.5m)
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