Are Your ATMs Gifted?

Adding the GivePay™ Gift Card Mall application to your Machines is easy and free! ATM owner/operators who manage their ATM software updates and have signed the GivePay Distributor agreement are eligible to participate. Just update the machines and start earning with every gift card purchase or wireless payment made on machines you operate. Login to the GivePay portal to manage card offerings by market or terminal and invite sub-distributors and merchants to log in and share in the revenue. Software is supported by WinCE 6.0, application version V06.01.34 and above. Contact GivePay at 1-833-GIVEPAY for more information.

Choose from hundreds of cards

  • Instantly send and redeem; Send a digital card anywhere in the nation in minutes. Find a nearby GivePay™ enabled ATM by entering your zip code in the website.

Benefits to ATM operators:

  • Be on the map with GivePay ATM locator
  • Increase ATM traffic
  • Increase Revenue
  • Track your sales and analytics with operator dashboard
  • Enhance ATMs with Kiosk-like functionality
  • It’s free
  • Easy to register
  • No hardware required
  • Differentiate your business

Customer Features:

  • Send gift cards to your loved ones instantly
  • Instant wireless recharge

Key Points:

  • New Revenue 
  • No cost
  • Operator Dashboard
  • Ease of Use