Mastercard Cash Pick-Up

Retail ATM 7800T

Mastercard Cash

Now you can drive more transactions at your ATMs by enabling Mastercard Cash Pick-Up.

All it takes is a simple software update, no hardware is required. You can become a cash-out point for ALL consumers, even if they do not have a card. All the consumer needs is a mobile number, a transaction code, an access code, and the dollar amount to enter at the ATM.

Consumer Features: 

  • Easy to complete a transaction
  • No waiting for weeks or months to receive cash-based rewards or gift cards

Benefits to ATM Operator: 

  • Provides a new revenue stream to ATM owners
  • More transactions, more money
  • Easy to install and activate
  • No hardware required
  • Make your ATM a destination for users

Key Points:

  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Convenient


This software is supported by WinCE 6.0, application version V06.01.28 (released on 03/24/2017) and above.