Hyosung has the broadest range, strongest security, and most deeply integrated software solutions in the industry. With Hyosung’s core-integrated, multi-vendor software, our FI customers are transforming their branches by expanding the self-service experience. Similarly, Hyosung delivers a best-in-class set of value-added transactions for our ISO and IAD customers.


Turn your retail ATM into a cryptocurrency compatible ATM by adding Bitcoin transaction support from B4U and LibertyX. No PC or cryptocurrency app required – customers simply use your ATM and make a purchase.

What are the Benefits of Cryptocurrency ATM Software for Retailers?

Hyosung America realizes that every transaction is an opportunity for your business to make a profit. This is even more true in a retail setting since withdrawn cash is often used to make a purchase on the premises. Cryptocurrency ATMs allow your customers to perform a variety of Bitcoin transactions, such as buying, selling, and even making cash withdrawals. It’s a high-tech way to put money in consumers’ pockets that they can then spend in your store. Our cryptocurrency software selection includes interfaces that work with mobile apps to meet your customers' needs.

ATM software for Bitcoin transactions will open your business to a rapidly expanding new market. Contact Hyosung America today and learn more about what our industry-leading crypto software can enhance your retail sales.

Bitload4U Financial

Turn your retail ATM into a digital currency compatible ATM by adding Bitcoin transaction support from Bitload4U Financial. Customers can get cash by selling bitcoin via their existing cryptocurrency app while you make revenue on each transaction.



Give your ATM crypto-powers by adding Bitcoin transaction support from LibertyX. Customers can buy and sell bitcoin by simply using the LibertyX cryptocurrency app to make a purchase at your ATM. Additionally, customers can get cash directly from the ATM by selling bitcoin.


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