Hyosung has the broadest range, strongest security, and most deeply integrated software solutions in the industry. With Hyosung’s core-integrated, multi-vendor software, our FI customers are transforming their branches by expanding the self-service experience. Similarly, Hyosung delivers a best-in-class set of value-added transactions for our ISO and IAD customers.


Dual Balance allows your customers to check balances of multiple accounts in a single transaction. Customers get the convenience of one transaction to see both checking and savings balances and you earn extra interchange revenue with each multi-account inquiry.

What are the Advantages of Dual Balance ATM Software?

Your customers want an efficient ATM experience that allows them to get the important information they need quickly. With dual balance ATM software from Hyosung America, customers will be able to check both their savings and checking accounts at once, on the same screen. This feature saves your customers valuable time while earning you interchange revenue for each inquiry. This cutting-edge software can be activated with no cost to you, requires no hardware, and will work on all processors. Potential customers undoubtedly have many ATMs to choose from. By providing a convenient, ultra-efficient user experience, you can make sure they come back to your machines again and again.

Activating ATM dual balance inquiries can be done quickly through the operator menu. Contact us today for more information on this time-saving, revenue-generating feature.

Benefits to ATM Operator:

  • More transactions equal more profit 
  • No cost to activate 
  • No hardware required 
  • Works on all processors

Customer Features:

  • Get multiple account balances, quick and easy in one transaction

Financial Considerations:

For ATM customers who opt to receive balances on all accounts, you receive interchange revenue for each account inquiry.

Key Points:

  • New Revenue 
  • Saves Time 
  • Convenient and Easy to Use


This software is supported by all WinCE 6.0 versions.

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