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Now you can drive more transactions at your ATMs by enabling Mastercard Cash Pick-Up.

All it takes is a simple software update, no hardware is required. You can become a cash-out point for ALL consumers, even if they do not have a card. All the consumer needs is a mobile number, a transaction code, an access code, and the dollar amount to enter at the ATM.

What are the Advantages of MasterCard Cash Pick-Up?

Add new customers, increase the number of monthly transactions, and increase profits from each ATM in your arsenal. With MasterCard Cash Pick-Up, you can expand your customer base to include people whose cards are unaffiliated with a bank account. In fact, anyone with a mobile phone can access cash with this smart software. With MasterCard Cash Pick-Up ATM software installed on your machines, you actually provide an essential service to traditionally underserved demographics that are growing in market share every day. The best part? This cash pick-up service is easy to install and requires no new hardware. Do not lose business to ATMs that offer more options. Bring in new income with MasterCard Cash Pick-Up.

Hyosung America is proud to offer cutting-edge software that is easy to install, intuitive to use, and extremely secure. If you think cardless cash can bring in more business for your fleet, contact us today.

Customer Features:

  • Easy to complete a transaction 
  • Access to emergency cash

Benefits to ATM Operator:

  • Provides a new revenue stream to ATM owners 
  • More transactions, more money 
  • Easy to install and activate 
  • No hardware required 
  • Make your ATM a destination for users

Key Points:

  • Secure access to cardless cash 
  • Convenient service for customers unaffiliated with a bank account


This software is supported by WinCE 6.0, application version V06.01.28 (released Q2 2016) and above.

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