Hyosung has the broadest range, strongest security, and most deeply integrated software solutions in the industry. With Hyosung’s core-integrated, multi-vendor software, our FI customers are transforming their branches by expanding the self-service experience. Similarly, Hyosung delivers a best-in-class set of value-added transactions for our ISO and IAD customers.


Financial institutions have been a preferred target for criminals since the first bank opened its doors. Loaded with thousands of dollars of cash and often located away from the presence of security personnel, ATM machines have unique security risks. Though “traditional” attacks still happen, much of ATM-related crime includes electronic attacks on the software that controls the ATMs’s functions. Understandably, this threat can cause trepidation for ATM operators, but the good news is, with the latest software, you can protect your network from hackers and thieves.

MoniGuard ATM is Hyosung America’s proprietary cyber-security suite that is designed to prevent a wide variety of electronic attack vectors. Using a multi-faceted approach, MoniGuard helps to secure each ATM from onsite hacking and hardware manipulation, as well as protecting your entire network from outside attacks via the web.

Hard Drive Encryption

HDE, or Hard Drive Encryption, is an ATM hard disk encryption solution that prevents the removing or swapping of an individual ATM machine’s hard drive. This type of onsite, hardware-based attack can lead to compromised customer data, and even the unlawful dispensation of cash. With HDE, only properly encrypted drives will be usable in your ATM.


Hyosung America’s Whitelisting solution adds another level of security to your ATM machine network. Whitelisting only allows pre-authorized executables to run on the ATM. This makes it impossible for hackers to install data-stealing malware on your network and helps keep your customer’s information and your financial institution’s funds safe. Paired with HDE technology, Whitelisting will ensure that your system is protected from sophisticated, high-tech attacks.

Defend Your ATM Machines with MoniGuard

Do you have a diverse network of ATMs that consists of individual units manufactured by a variety of companies? MoniGuard ATM network protection includes 3rd party integration, making it possible to cover your entire operation with a single, cutting-edge security suite. Designed to easily adapt to your existing security infrastructure, MoniGuard software is easy to implement and maintain. Whether you’re a large bank or a small businessperson who places ATM machines in local retail establishments, you’ll find MoniGuard ease the time and financial costs of protecting your network.

A leader in ATM production and ATM software solutions, Hyosung America provides our clients with the full package, from installation and implementation to ATM maintenance and cyber-security. MoniGuard is an essential component of that equation. If you have any questions about our elite security software suite, please contact us today."

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