Hyosung has the broadest range, strongest security, and most deeply integrated software solutions in the industry. With Hyosung’s core-integrated, multi-vendor software, our FI customers are transforming their branches by expanding the self-service experience. Similarly, Hyosung delivers a best-in-class set of value-added transactions for our ISO and IAD customers.


When it comes to managing a fleet of ATMs, the primary goals are to make sure they offer the transactions your customers need and to minimize downtime. MoniView ATM monitoring software is designed to provide up-to-the-minute data on your network and help you achieve these goals. MoniView results in more profits from transaction fees, more repeat business from your customers, and new customers as word spreads of your network’s reliability and functionality. Make cash handling more efficient, install software patches without leaving the office, and monitor repair jobs in real-time. MoniView ATM availability software will give you a detailed look at your fleet’s status, and help you make informed management decisions, and help your business reach its goals.

The Data You Need, When You Need It

MoniView ATM functionality software from Hyosung America is aimed at both retail and bank environments. A lightweight version of our flagship MoniManager software, terminal management and infrastructure integrations with MoniView are designed to be seamlessly integrated with your business operations. Examine transaction histories to best serve your customers. Check on the health of an individual machine and monitor cash reserves across your fleet.

The Perfect Mix of Usability and Functionality

Terminal management with MoniView software from Hyosung America gives you the tools you need to set your business apart from your competitors. Perform multiple call-in, call-out operations all from a single PC. MoniView allows you to complete tasks that had often required a full office of support staff in the past. Alarms can alert you when there is a problem in the field, which means you can dispatch a technician right away and reduce downtime. You can also perform remote journal uploads, change the display, and print functions in order to make your accounting easier than ever before.

Field-Tested Reliability

ATM management software needs to be both reliable and secure. MoniView has been deployed on thousands of fleets throughout the world and is trusted by companies, both large and small, to accurately provide critical data on cash status, machine health, and other crucial metrics. Our software uses the latest security protocols to make sure that your company’s information stays private, thus preventing fraud and theft. Trust your data and make smart, well-informed decisions with help from MoniView.

Step Into The Future

The ATM placement industry is a highly competitive field, and it takes a data-driven strategy to make your company stand out from the pack. Through MoniView and the rest of our software suite, Hyosung America is an industry leader in terms of both innovation and service. Contact us today and learn what our MoniView management software can do for you.

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