As criminals become more sophisticated and data breaches are commonly in the news, security is always top of mind for your ATM operations. Unfortunately, criminals know far too well the weak points of an ATM, especially aging software stacks that lack updated security. Hyosung offers a suite of solutions to truly lock down your ATM fleet and provide you peace of mind your investment is secure.

Advantages of ATM Security Software Solutions

At Hyosung America, we understand that earning your customers’ trust is key to winning their repeat business. Whether you’re a chain of stores that operates a fleet of ATMs, a financial institution, or a company that places units in corner stores around the city, a security breach can be devastating to your reputation and business. The latest ATM security solutions will help you make sure your network isn’t open to attack.

In the fast-paced world of business, you want transactions completed quickly and efficiently. ATM protection software from Hyosung America can keep your customers’ activity secure without hindering the performance of your machines. Don’t wait until you have a data breach to upgrade your security software. Contact Hyosung America today and we’ll help you decide which security software is right for your network.


MoniGuard is our suite of security products that prevents a wide variety of attack vectors within the ATM software stack. Hard Drive Encryption (HDE) prevents the removal and/or swapping hard drives that can lead to everything from capturing customer data to unauthorized dispensing of cash. Our Whitelisting solution only allows authorized executables to run on the ATM and provides a second layer of security. Finally MoniGuard supports a number of third-party integrations and can easily adapt to your existing security infrastructure, easing the implementation and maintenance burden for financial institutions.