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retail atm support

Benefits of Becoming a Nautilus Hyosung Pro Certified Technical for Retail ATM’s

  • You will receive Technical Training on all Nautilus Hyosung Retail Models
  • The training also includes updating software and loading Advertisement Graphics on all Nautilus Hyosung Retail Models.
  • You will receive electronic copies of Operator, Maintenance and Spare Parts Manuals for all
  • You will receive Technical Bulletins
  • You will be added to the “Locate a Technician” section on our Website that can be accessed by the general public.
  • You will receive the ability to contact Technical Support
  • You will be able to purchase spare parts directly from Nautilus Hyosung
  • You will be able to send in parts for repair
  • You will receive the Nautilus Hyosung Pro Utility Program and cables to load software on all POS ATM’s.  You can also use the program to bench test cash dispensers and printer assemblies
  • You will receive a Login ID and Password to our Website

Benefits of having a Website login

  • Access to search and order parts
  • Download all manuals for all Models
  • Download software for all Retail Models
  • Look up Error Codes
  • Submit Warranty Request, Freight Damage Claims or Repair RMA’s
  • Locate a Technician
  • View Technical Bulletins
  • Download Product Brochures