The Key Features of a Retail ATM

Retail ATM machines provide convenience for shoppers, giving them the ability to keep tabs on their balances and get cash as needed. These machines have evolved considerably over the years. Modern retail ATM features are designed with security and user experience in mind, and they are essential for any retail location.

UX design that delights your customers

When considering retail ATM features, it’s important to prioritize the user experience. For example, customers will become frustrated if it does not offer an intuitive design. These days, touchscreen capabilities are expected. Consider looking for a large color display with arrows directing users to the card and receipt slots. Customers may also enjoy the ability to control the brightness of the display. Adjustments can be made to suit any retail environment—from a neighborhood bar to a bright big box store. Speaking of brightness, it’s helpful to look for machines that have retail ATM features, such as a light inside the vault. This feature facilitates servicing the machine and loading notes into it.

Robust security technology for greater peace of mind

Both physical and digital security are essential features for modern ATM fleets. For example, retail ATM machines may sometimes feature a reinforced cash tray with heavy metal plating. It complicates any break-in attempt, so criminals will think twice. In addition, ATM machines commonly have a DIP-type EMV card reader. Finally, look for a model that also features an anti-skimming device to prevent digital data from being stolen by hackers.

Cardless transaction capabilities

Cardless transaction capabilities are the future of retail ATM machines. As more individuals transition to cardless pay options, they may come to expect the same features available in the retail ATM machines they use. Machines equipped with cardless transaction capabilities use either near-field communication (NFC) or QR codes, both of which rely on information sourced from the user’s mobile phone. 

Not only does this provide greater simplicity and convenience for the user, but also better security. Without a card, it’s impossible to use a skimming device. Furthermore, the codes exchanged between the phone and the ATM machine are one-time use only, so they are useless to criminals. 

Note capacity

User experience and security features are important considerations when evaluating retail ATM machines for purchase or lease. However, it’s also crucial to consider retail ATM features that enhance the convenience of servicing the machine. A higher note capacity, for instance, reduces the number of times that cash must be reloaded into the machine. Modern ATM models can be equipped with a capacity for 6,000 notes.

Work with the leader in cutting-edge ATM machines

For decades, Hyosung America has been a pioneering retail ATM machine provider, designing machines with unbeatable security and exceptionally user-friendly features. We seek to streamline the customer experience through our Hyosung retail ATM machine solutions enabling store owners to reduce operating costs while exceeding customer expectations. 

As noted above, some Hyosung ATMs support cardless transactions, and all of our ATM machines for retail feature robust anti-theft technology. Contact our team today for more information about our retail ATM features.