The SOC: Hyosung's New State-of-the-Art Service Operations Center

Hyosung is proud to announce the opening of an all new state-of-the-art Service Operations Center (SOC). The SOC functions as a 24/7 service monitoring and support group for Hyosung customers and Field Service Engineers (FSEs).

The all new “NASA” like Service Operations Center supports 32 workstations in theater style seating, facing a 29’ x 9’ high-definition Galaxia LED display surrounded by six separate 75” LCD monitors.

Take advantage of Hyosung's new SOC today!

The central screen displays real-time data on existing service requests and shows agents the geographic distribution of calls, FSE assignments, status of the request and aging information along with the location of Hyosung Field Service Engineers. The additional screens present details which help agents optimize routing and schedules to best serve our customers.

Customers can now contact the SOC 24-hours a day to request service or updates on existing calls all while our direct FSEs work with our internal SOC agents to manage and update the service requests in real-time.

Fueled by Hyosung’s industry leading growth, the SOC team has grown nearly 70% over the past year. Hyosung’s direct service organization currently consists of 267 FSEs servicing 8,800 ATMs & TCRs in 32 states and the company has recently added contract Retail ATM Service to over 1,200 Retail locations. By the end of 2017 NHA plans to be servicing more than 16,000 ATMs nationwide with 425 FSEs in 42 states.

For more information about NHA’s direct service program, please contact Tony Manno, Vice President of Services,

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