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Hyosung offers a wide variety services to best serve their partners. Whether you need a more rapid maintenance response, robust monitoring, or secure document transfer, Hyosung has you covered.


Hyosung provides its partners with all they need to grow their businesses. Whether you work in banking, financial services in the retail market, customer facing checkout experiences, or government, Hyosung has solutions for you and your business.

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ActiveResolution improves ATM and TCR fleet productivity and customer experience by increasing machine availability. Hyosung can improve availability and accelerate problem resolution through real-time monitoring tracking, and automatic remote recovery. With immediate fault detection, remote recovery, and automatic remote recovery, ActiveResolution is the proactive solution to keep your systems up 24/7.


ActiveEJ retrieves the electronic journals every 15 minutes and provides 90 days of storage. Access electronic journals seamlessly through the web at any time to have complete visibility of transaction data to simplify research.

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ActiveUpdate keeps terminal software up to date and compliant. Benefit from increased security with Microsoft security patches and critical terminal application updates. Coupled with ActiveSupport, critical issues are resolved and distributed quickly and efficiently, minimizing customer impact.


ActiveSupport increases software availability and reliability. This service provides remote software investigation and audit tracking of all Software issues for faster resolution. With a team of software specialists for rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting of software or configuration issues, ActiveSupport eliminates the need for in-house software experts. With ActiveUpdate, software problems and resolutions are handled seamlessly.

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ActiveSecurity provides a robust security solution to stay ahead of cybercrime through encryption, optimized whitelisting, and remote management. ActiveSecurity protects the software stack beyond the OS and protects customers’ self-service network from vulnerabilities.

Single Point of Contact

A Single Point of Contact provides a highly skilled and trained contact for all ActiveServices. Available through multiple channels, a Single Point of Contact can rapidly resolve issues, support unique situations, and provide status on all ActiveServices.

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Hyosung One Stop Staging service being performed to prepare a retail ATM
One-Stop Staging (OSS)

A lot of work goes into setting up an ATM network. Machines need to be properly installed to work with your network before they are ready to receive cash and begin serving the public. One-Stop Staging (OSS) services from Hyosung America are total ATM implementation services that ensure your machines are ready to go, right out of the box. Bolt them down, load them with cash, and begin doing business. The aim of ATM software programming services is to reduce onsite labor. This is particularly helpful when installing a machine within a retail environment, where the presence of service technicians during business hours can discourage would-be shoppers from making a purchase.

ATM Machine Services

Hyosung America is a top ATM machine services provider. With 24/7 on-call support, we offer prompt response to your installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Our commitment to our customers is absolute. You can count on our ATM technician team to deliver fast and durable repairs on your ATM machines.