ATM Cash Management Solutions

Hyosung offers end-to-end branch cash management solutions. From teller cash automation, back cash automation, and self-service cash recycling, Hyosung has you covered.

Save More Cash, Over 20 Years of Cash Management Solutions

Reduce your cash handling time with our best in class technology. With machines that can handle up to 14,000 notes of all different denominations and a deposit speed of 12 notes per second, you’ll never have to spend another second counting cash. We know the problems that cash can cause, and Hyosung machines help eliminate every one of them. With special security access, our machines allow for tiered levels of access that can be controlled for the entire business. Hyosung technology takes all of the guesswork out of accounting and provides automated and accurate reporting that details cash on hand at any given moment.

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Hyosung Cash Management Solutions Family
Recycling ATMs

Hyosung's inspired engineering has moved the recycling ATM into the future by improving customer service, increasing security, and minimizing cash replenishment costs. Recycling ATMs are an important cash management solution for a financial institution.

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Today financial institutions face many challenges in cash management as cash costs are rising. Financial institutions must manage their cash balance effectively. With Hyosung’s TCRs, FIs can leverage the costs of cash operations and processing while reducing fraud risks in cash handling across all cash points.

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The Problem with Cash

Time Consuming
Increased Staff Levels
Cash Counting Errors
Storage and Security Costs
No Real-Time Cash Position

Solutions to Your Cash Problems

High Speed & High Capacity Cash Automation
Dramatically Reduce Total Time Counting
Focus on What Matters to Your Customers
Secure IT Environment
Real-Time, Detailed Cash Position

Our Cash Management Solutions Are Built for You

Hyosung's recycling platform stands out from the competition. We are the only manufacturer that’s certified and ready to go. See what else makes Hyosung a market leader:

The Details

14,000 Note Capacity – All US Denominations ($250,000 – $500,000 Total Storage Capacity) 

12 Note/Sec Deposit And Withdrawal Speed – That’s Fast! 

Automatic Self Audit Allows For Counting Of All Notes And Verifying Inventory Without Exposing Any Cash 

Cash Transit Cassette – Securely Transfer Money In Or Out With Zero Cash Exposure 

Customizable Software Allows Cashiers, Managers, and Supervisors Separate Functionality

Digital Audit Trail And Real-Time Cash Positions 

Compact Service Footprint & Secure Windows10 Operating System 

Award Winning Hyosung Service & Support Ecosystem Nationwide

A woman with a Hyosung recycler
We are Proven Cash Experts!

Automated Counting

Secure Cash Storage

50% Reduction in Cash Movement

Scalable Based on Volume

Increased Speed, Accuracy and Security

Demonstrable ROI