First Mobile App for ATM Management and Maintenance

IRVING, Texas – June 14, 2016 – Nautilus Hyosung America (Hyosung), the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, today announced the availability of its new, patent-pending mobile application, which allows merchants and ATM operators to manage Hyosung ATMs with ease and efficiency. The merchant app is now available for free download on the Android platform, with iOS availability coming later this year.

“This app will truly revolutionize the way ATM operators and merchants interact with and manage their ATMs,” said Jason Kuhn, vice president of retail product marketing and planning at Hyosung. “There is nothing like MoniMobile on the market today that can help cut costs by giving users direct, real-time control of ATM management.”

By scanning their Hyosung ATM’s unique QR code, MoniMobile users will immediately have detailed identifying information at their fingertips, including:

  • ATM model and serial number
  • Terminal ID
  • Card reader type
  • Encryption PIN pad type
  • Location name and address
  • Current software version

Manage your ATMs with the MoniMobile app from Hyosung today!

In the event of an error, Merchants can now simply scan a prompted QR code on the ATM screen, and the app will provide the error code description and corrective action. Many codes are even accompanied by a video demonstrating how to fix the problem. In addition, MoniMobile helps merchants with tasks that previously would have resulted in downtime and service calls to the independent ATM deployers (IAD). Now, users can view easy-to-follow “how-to” videos for routine maintenance activities such as:
  • Loading receipt paper
  • Loading the cash cassette
  • Updating the cash balance in the admin menus
  • Clearing a note jam
The foundation of our company is based on innovation” said Nancy Daniels, chief operating officer at Hyosung. “We are proud to continue building on that foundation with the development of this invaluable tool for our industry.” Hyosung will also be launching a MoniMobile app for independent sales organizations (ISO) later this summer. The ISO-specific app will include technical how-to videos, the ability to receive service requests and escalate service calls, and details on how to load and update software.
Choose MoniMobile from Hyosung for your ISO today!

About Nautilus Hyosung America

Hyosung is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has become the largest provider of ATMs in the United States. Hyosung is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio. Contact: Ginger Dearing Nautilus Hyosung America Media contact: Daniel Martin Richards Partners 214-891-5722