Nautilus Hyosung Expands ATM Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Demand

DALLAS (June 5, 2015) — Nautilus Hyosung announces the opening of their second, world-class ATM manufacturing facility. "As a result of growth, a second ATM facility was needed to meet market demand,” said President and CEO Andy Orent of Nautilus Hyosung, the largest provider of ATMs in the United States.

 With its first ATM manufacturing facility located in Gumi, Korea, Hyosung chose Shenzhen, China for the location of its second facility. Shenzhen, home to the largest global tablet and mobile phone manufacturing facilities, is known for its manufacturing excellence. Gumi employees helped to set up the Shenzhen facility and remain to ensure that Gumi quality standards are maintained. Executive Vice President Spencer Matthews was among Hyosung customers who recently visited and toured the new facility. He said, “We were very impressed by this facility.

"We experienced firsthand the spacious, well-equipped, well-lit and clean production environment. It was clear to us that the staff takes tremendous pride in their work. We had an opportunity to work alongside the team in the dispenser assembly line. The attention to detail and quality assurance was obvious. As a sign of our confidence, we have already committed to being the first to take receipt of ATMs coming from that facility.” The 243,000 square foot facility is dedicated to advanced product quality with ongoing training and education, benchmarking of quality control systems and testing, including a climate controlled chamber where cash dispensers operate non-stop for hours in intense heat.

“Shenzhen offers tremendous engineering capability and talent, which allows us to continually innovate and improve our technology,” said Orent. The location and nearby port also make the import of supplies and export of products convenient.

About Nautilus Hyosung America

The Nautilus Hyosung America vision is to continually create automated financial products and solutions and maximize the convenience, accessibility and trust of their customers by leveraging their creativity, technology, speed to market and people. Nautilus Hyosung America is a subsidiary of South Korea Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Nautilus Hyosung America has shipped more than 200,000 ATMs and is the largest provider of ATMs in the United States. Nautilus Hyosung America is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.